It is quite more elegant stylized shape after an Xbox

´╗┐Remote graphics should be very fast and very low latency. There should be a program that also very low latency reception and management of the quality of service between the computer and the TV, 'Huang said.In demonstration here, seemed to smooth game play on the TV screen, as it has done the computer in the room where his power, he's a player from.a tendon can save the game on TV, and then received the same place on their computers or devices on the shield device, he said.It only a demonstration and Huang did not say when the flow is established after the system output form.Nvidia also worked with the valve, the company that manages the steam water games shop, to work them better on mobile devices, he said.It all is part of a plan to introduce the screen 'multipolar world' in, according to Huang to the application processor, Android and the cloud all screens - or TVs, laptops and projectors in the back of the car - will be able to be 'life that is pretty much in the cloud, so that each range of applications and Android processor suddenly a very useful ', he said, he was playing video games chord, music and films. James Niccolai covers data centers and general technical affairs news service IDG News. Follow James on Twitter at jniccolai. And [emailand protected] Swan Song at E3 James E-mail address: Microsoft Xbox 360 gets a new look and tendons free games. Rest assured, this is not just took the Xbox 360 Xbox yet.While lead one devices in these years, Microsoft's E3 show, Microsoft Joseph Mahedi took stage at the beginning of the presentation to any fears that the company will be abandoned aging elimination bracket .First up: There are new Xbox 360. It is quite more elegant stylized shape after an Xbox, and while the details are scarce at the moment, because they are, well, Xbox games right now.Neverwinter devices will 360And much play on your brand new redesigned Xbox 360 in the coming months.Microsoft will introduce a reward of sorts for Xbox Live subscribers: from 1 July to launch an Xbox, anyone in a membership of Xbox Live Gold able to download Xbox 360 games two classic chord, free of charge.First up Creed 2 and Halo 3. People murderer who participated in the program, Sony will be PlayStation Plus is getting this kind of freebies for ages, so it's nice Microsoft to offer something extra for those willing to pony up the $ 60 for the year.We're also confirmed that there are a lot of games coming new agreement console will see in the coming years, including Grand Theft Auto V Max: The Curse of the Brotherhood (which looks frightening to some extent), and also got the dark souls 2. We glimpse of the next World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition, which first meeting tank combat MMO free to play keyboards time.We'll for some time to get our grubby little gloves on each of the titles later this week - stay tuned!